Jamaica's Bespoke Design Company

Each Item we manufacture carries the MAURICE LOGO
As an off-shot to our furnishing range, we produce and number of games boards or traditional family veranda pastimes
The first of these are our sets of Jamaican design Ludo (Ludi) boards,
with many more to come why not save this page as a Favourite and return occasionally.
Or if you have something specific in mind, please do contact us

How to play Ludi (Ludo) Jamaican rules
How to play Ludi (Ludo) Jamaican rules - The simplified rules

Enquires please contact info@tasauwur.com


Design: Jamaica1 Design: Jamaica2
Design: Jamaica3 AccessoriesPack1
Design: 50th2012jamaica
Design: 50thYearCelebration  
Design: 50th2012jamaica1A Design: 50th2012jamaica1
Design: 50th2012jamaicaA Design: 50th2012worldjamaica2B
Design: 50th2012worldjamaica2A Design: 50th2012jamaica2
Design: JamaicaWorld2 Design: JamaicaWorld1
AccessoriesPack2 Design: JamaicaWorld3
Design: 50th2012world1A Design: 50th2012world1
WorldVisitingJamaicaDesign: WorldVisitingJamaica OnePeopleBirdJamaicaDesign: OnePeopleBirdJamaica
LargeJamaicaWorld1Design: LargeJamaicaWorld1 More design on the way...